Steven Finn

Speaker, motivator, motivation conference. Steven Finn played twelve seasons in the National Hockey League
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Speaker, motivator, motivation conference


Steven Finn played twelve seasons in the National Hockey League with the Quebec Nordiques, Tampa Bay Lightning and Los Angeles Kings. His strong leadership skills were recognized by his coaches and teammates since he was captain or assistant captain for most of those years.

As a hockey player, he was known for his determination, team spirit, work ethic and his courage.
These same qualities have helped him transition successfully into the business world, both in sales and management positions.

Today Steven shares his experience in order to inspire people to reach their full potential.

Conference :  Master of your thoughts, master of your life!

Do you know how much our attitude influences our success and our happiness? This is a subject that has been talked about for years. The evidence shows that our attitude can impact our lives in a positive way.  But it can also bring us emotional distress both in our professional and personal life.

Steven has experienced both side of the fence during his National Hockey League career.
In sport just like business, it is a well known phenomenon that self confidence and positive attitude can affect our life even more than our talent can.

In that optic, it is imperative that we learn to master the little voice inside of us that make us hesitate and doubt ourselves so we can succeed in our personal life as well as our professional one. How to achieve that ?

Steven will share with you how he used his struggle to help him live a healthier and happier life.