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Sasseville presents: INC.SPIRATION. A keynote that propels our organisations by combining inspiration and key corporate themes.
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Sasseville presents: INC.SPIRATION. 

A keynote that propels our organisations by combining inspiration and key corporate themes.

“Sebastien was our highlighted speaker at our conference. Customers loved his energy, desire to succeed and his story telling abilities! Sebastien was able to tailor the keynote presentation to our needs as well as including our key messages in a very insightful way. This has led to additional customer engagements which has helped move our business forward. Using Sebastien was definitely a great decision on our part!”
EMC Corporation, a Fortune 200 company. 

Already a veteran speaker with over 200 presentations throughout North America, including a TEDx talk, Sébastien Sasseville worked for large companies during the first 10 years of his career. His inner fortitude, key insights and authenticity come from an ability to draw from lessons provided by seeking great personal challenges and to apply them to today’s most pressing and complex business concerns. His message connects with audiences worldwide from his exceptional storytelling, energy, humor and positive emotions.

Sebastien Sasseville has multiplied public appearances over the last 10 years. Over 200 keynotes delivered across North America and just as many media interviews. The list of his outstanding accomplishments also gets longer every year. In 2008 he reached the summit of Mt Everest. In the following years, Sasseville went on to complete 6 Ironman and the mythical Sahara race in Egypt, a 250 km self-supported ultra-marathon. But it is in 2014 that he faced the biggest challenge of his life: a solo, 7200 km run across Canada. The equivalent of 180 marathons in nine months. 

The main themes of his keynotes are transformation, change & corporate agility, peak performance, leadership, sales & goal setting, the logic of success, overcoming obstacles and the creation of a culture of excellence

The French Canadian athlete was at the forefront on the Johnson & Johnson 2008 Beijing Olympics Inspiration TV commercial. In 2012 he became the face of the Human Face of Big Datacampaign deployed globally by EMC Corporation, a Fortune 200 company. In 2014, Sebastien Sasseville entered in a partnership with Biotherm Homme(owned by L’Oréal) as part of their Living Exceptionally campaign.

Sebastien has a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Transformed by his life experiences and already a veteran speaker, he proposes deep reflections designed to generate actions.

Chose your INC.SPIRATION keynote:

From Mt. Everest to the Sahara: Success through transformation.

Adapting to change helps us survive, better succeed and win. From Mount Everest to the Sahara, Sébastien Sasseville had to transform to survive and conquer. Within companies and organizations, those who resist change don’t last. When confronted to the strongest forces of nature, great lessons are learned.

Supported by superb imagery and breathtaking stories, the notions of adapting to change and developing a transformation and execution strategy are addressed in this corporate keynote on change & transformation. Sebastien helps his audience to understand that change is a culture, not an action. Change must not be used like cough syrup, in other words “only when it hurts”. Instead, change must be viewed as a culture, a daily practice. To get comfortable with change is great, but to really take things to the next level, we must leverage change, create it and use it as a force to increase our capacity for agility. When we are agile, we utilize change, rather than being reactive and dictated by change. Successful businesses and individuals create change. They set the tone and force their competition to adapt. The most powerful step on Everest wasn’t the last step, it was the first step. Same thing in the Sahara. To transform ourselves sometimes also starts with finding the courage to cross our starting lines and embrace discomfort.

A powerful corporate keynote on change and agility that will propel your businesses in front of your competition!

INC.SPIRATION: Sales & high goals.

Imagine a team where all sales representatives set goals above and beyond the company’s expectations and achieve them every time. I help companies create a peak performance culture through an innovative and inspired approach to sales.

I am a former sales representatives for Fortune 500 companies, and my resume also includes a successful ascent of Mount Everest, running across Canada, six Ironman and the Sahara race. Trust me, I know about ambitious goals.

Along the years Sebastien has sold sponsorships worth over 3 million dollars to five large corporations. This keynote custom designed for sales organisations helps understanding the importance of always selling a vision, a strong “why” and the real added value of a product, an idea or a project. This sales keynote is neither a technical training nor a workshop. Its aim is to transform attitudes and ignite the desire to win in all sales representatives. In this sales keynote, Sebastien dissects the logic of success in sales, demonstrates why sales representatives should always set goals above the expectations of the organisation and how to reach them while adapting to a constantly changing market. Sprinkled with humor and inspiration, using concrete examples from the sales world and powerful visuals, this high energy keynote is the perfect way to open or close your annual sales meeting!

Build a winning sales team and ignite the desire to conquer!

Peak performance: Aim high, go far.

Produce peak performance in unforgiving environments, challenging climates, changing industries and unstable markets.

To perform in a clement environment isn’t all that challenging. But add ferocious competition, disruptive technologies, instability, increasingly demanding customers and fewer resources, then we have a fight. This keynote explores the mechanics of peak performance, how to create it, maintain it and transmit this desire for excellence to all team members.

For each of his accomplishment, Sebastien had to create a winning strategy, to build a high performing support team and above all, superior communication and trust. He who says performance also says goal setting, measurement, data analysis, strategy, agility, responsiveness to change, efficiency, humility, attention to detail and resilience. Lots of ingredients indeed! The highest performing teams and individuals are the ones who can combine and dose them appropriately in their daily practice. To perform is to grow, to be consumer obsessed and to make tomorrow better. Performing individuals create performing teams, performing teams enable individuals to perform at their best. In the corporate world, companies that perform become leaders and envied brands, they expand, inspire us and revolutionize industries.

INC.SPIRATION: Leadership.

Forget the summit: Focus your team on growth habits.

Leaders know that what matters most is not how high they climb, but rather how many people they bring with them. They also know where they are going but they understand that success is only a point in time. After nearly 10 years of preparation, Sebastien stood on the top of Mt Everest for only five minutes. The most important lesson he learned from that? Victory is not a goal, it’s the consequence of our actions.

In our organizations, true leadership means to not only reward employees on numbers, but on the creation, implementation and nurture of growth habits that support the core goals and mission of the enterprise. Sales, finish lines, summits and results will inevitably follow. Help people grow, you’ll help your organization grow.

A 7,200 kilometer run. 5 marathons a week for over 9 months. A start in the worst winter Eastern Canada had experienced in 20 years. One ice bath after each run. It took Sébastien Sasseville almost a year to run across Canada. After each daily marathon, Sebastien found the energy and drive to work on what he affectionately called “the second shift” and lead a team comprised of a PR firm, a documentary crew, sponsors and ground logistics.  Where was the energy from? “I had a strong reason why” he simply says.

With inspiration as a backdrop, this keynote explores the key elements of corporate leadership, team work and the power we all have to help others grow.

Pure inspiration.

Stories, adventures, chills and emotions.An uplifting and powerful keynote, loaded with inspiration. For clients who want a break from Excel spreadsheets and corporate themes! In this inspirational keynote, Sébastien addresses the themes of personal growth and self-discovery, and suggests one (sometimes several!) impactful internal journey. From Asia to Africa, this keynote offers a journey throughout the world, deep thoughts, a unique story, breathtaking visuals and a plea to follow one’s dreams.