Guy Mineault

Professional speaker, author and PhD in Economics Born in Timmins Ontario
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Professional speaker, author and PhD in Economics

Born in Timmins Ontario. Guy Mineault has a doctoral degree in economics and studied in counseling at the master’s level. He has worked as an economist at General Motors in Oshawa Ontario and at the CIBC at Commerce Court Toronto. He has recently retired after 32 years of teaching economics and finance at Laval University and UQAC.

Today, Guy Mineault is an appreciated speaker for small and big businesses, lending institutions, brokerage firms and other social related associations. He shares his reflexions and observations dynamically and with a tinge of humor. You can see him on one of his web sites, Sapiens.tv. 

Here is a brief list of conferences that I can offer, knowing that I also give some that are made to measure. 

  • The World economy in crisis. Good guys, bad guys, winners and losers.
  • How to cope with changing world demographics.
  • Understanding world economic stakes that are destroying us.
  • Yeas and neas of an independent Quebec today.
  • What’s after socialism, communism and capitalism?
  • We could change the world if only we would change our hearts.
  • Let’s go bankrupt and start all over.
  • World wide power struggles. Where will they lead us?
  • How to better evaluate the performance of your investments
  • Understanding worldwide energy stakes : oil, gas, electricity, solar, wind, coal, etc. Winners, losers, etc.
  • The humanisation of our economies and business relations
  • Important elements to better succeed in your family and couple.
  • How to fight without hurting yourselves. Win-win strategies.
  • The good and bad… self esteem, confidence, identity
  • How to cope with my solitude, my inner emptiness.
  • Does the big bang really exist or did we just invent that for whatever reason?
  • Leaving an heritage that will transcend generations. Include heart and soul, roots and wings.
  • And if we had another set of dominant values? What changes would we see in world economies and in our relationships.

Some of the firms that have used my services :

  • Desjardins
  • Banque de Montréal
  • Banque Scotia
  • Force Financière Excel
  • Groupe AXA, Sun Life
  • Mica
  • Industriel Alliance
  • Chambre de Sécurité Financière
  • Great West
  • Clarica
  • Regard
  • O’Gilvy Renaud
  • Association des évaluateurs agréés du Canada.
  • Capital One