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A successful negotiation is becoming the number 1 challenge in the business world of today. More than ever, today’s business demands that you master the art of effective negotiations. When there is a conflict between two individuals, you must know how to build a bridge that allows both parties to reach an agreement and build meaningful relationships.

Are you prepared to take your place at the negotiation table?

Do you wish to meet an expert that will have an immediate impact on both your personal and professional lives? Are you looking for a conference speaker that offers you a combination of entertainment and meaningful insights in the negotiation process?

Guy Cabana is the world class author and conference speaker that delivers captivating, entertaining and heart warming messages that help you build bridges that will lead you from your daily challenges to complete success. His mission is to help you build prosperity and long lasting results. He delivers his message with enthusiasm and conviction in the fields of negotiations, non verbal communication and motivation.

His seminars assure a complete payback within the following week because they offer you all the necessary tools to help you build your own bridges to win-win relationships. Guy’s cost savings sessions will instill you with the self confidence you need to be successful.

He has written numerous training courses and articles in major magazines on the process of negotiation and non-verbal communications. Guy is the author of the best selling books: Les 10 Secrets du Négociateur Efficace (10 Secrets of Effective Negotiation) and Attention! Vos Gestes Vous Trahissent (Beware! Your Gestures Betray You) which have been translated into 4 languages. His latest book, Soulevez les Montagnes. L’art de réussir l’impossible (Lifting Mountains, the Art of Doing the Impossible) is currently available in French.

For more than 20 years, Guy Cabana has delivered over 1000 highly rated and acclaimed conferences. More than 250,000 people can acknowledge his authentic style and his memorable stories. He has given over 500 days of seminars to major corporations and the general public on negotiation, communication and motivation.

Endowed with a remarkable skill to seize his audience and keep their attention to the very last minute, he associates his theories to practical, concrete and humorous examples that are engaging and encourage immediate application.

He has become a Master in the art of communication and getting people to take instantaneous action. His presentations enhance the importance of each participants indefinite potential and strengthens their power to reach the impossible.

Guy Cabana is an expert speaker of international reputation. A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the National Speakers Bureau (NSA) of the United States and the International Federation of Professional Speakers (IFFPS), he is a speaker and motivator that you absolutely must meet.