Frédéric Gonzalo

Facebook Marketing: Optimize your performance! Develop your business with Linkedin Knowing how to manage your reputation online
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Speaker, trainer

Frederic Gonzalo is passionate about marketing and communications, with over 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism sphere. Early 2012, he launched Gonzo Marketing and works as a strategic marketing consultant, professional speaker and trainer in the use of new technologies (web, social media, mobile).

He was ranked among most influential bloggers for marketing & social media in Canada in both 2013 and 2014.  He is also the author of three books about content marketing, writing a marketing plan, and best practices on social media.

He regularly collaborates with different online publications, as well as being a regular expert guest speaker on diverse radio shows (Radio-Canada, FM93) and Television appearances (Télé-Québec, MaTV, Canal Argent, Radio-Canada) and different medias (La Presse, Montreal Gazette, TourismExpress, Pax Magazine, etc.).

In the last three years, Frederic has animated over 150 work sessions and given conferences, workshops and trainings, in French and English, in Québec, the rest of Canada, the United States and in Europe!

Possible Conference Titles

1. Facebook Marketing: Optimize your performance!

How to better use facebook for you company

2. Develop your business with Linkedin

Tricks and hints to better use social media

3. Knowing how to manage your reputation online

How to put a strategy in place to avoid a crisis and improve your reputation

4. The 8 fundamental steps to a marketing plan

the required steps to assure a strategic marketing approach

5. Storytelling, or how to tell your story

How to better use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and other social media visuals

6. Publicity on social media, does it really work?

Understanding the possibilities of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platform publicities.