Fred Colantonio

Inspiration – Your successful attitude inspired by great entrepreneurs
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Professional speaker, published author and criminologist

Fred Colantoniois the founder of an innovative method about getting the attitude that leads to success in business, career and life. Called L'attitude des Héros ®, this inspiring and pragmatic approach leads him across Europe and Canada.

"An expert who makes things more complicated isn't doing their job right (…) An expert should make things simpler."

Richard Branson, Virgin brand founder

Trained as a Criminologist, Fred Colantonio quits his first job in public administration after 5 years. He launches a communication/marketing agency with the aim to integrate humanity and people at the core of business and brand image. He runs it for 5 years.

In 2012, after 5 years of research, he unveils an innovative method about the leader and entrepreneur attitude to adopt to reach professional success, L’attitude des Héros ®

This inspiring and pragmatic approach of success attracts many entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEOs. Fred advises them, individually or in teams, through mentoring missions in several countries.

"Stay hungry ; stay foolish." Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

 Fred is the author of 5 best-selling books in Belgium :

  • SIGNIFICATION – Raviver la flamme qui nous anime, L'attitude des Héros, 2015.
  • ACTION – Devenez le Héros de votre propre histoire, relevez vos défis, L'attitude des Héros, 2014.
  • INSPIRATION – Votre attitude gagnante inspirée des plus Grands, L'attitude des Héros, 2013.
  • Communication professionnelle en ligne – Comprendre et exploiter les médias et réseaux sociaux, EdiPro, 2011.
  • Référencement, e-marketing et visibilité web – 30 pratiques pour décideurs et webmasters, EdiPro, 2010. 2015 (Second Edition)

Fred's Main Topics

  • Inspiration – Your successful attitude inspired by great entrepreneurs
  • Action – How to become the Hero of your own (his) story
  • Signification – Fueling the spark that drives us
  • Failure – How your perception affects you own success
  • Innovate – Learn how to trigger innovation for yourself and your teammates
  • More topics can be provided, depending on your wishes and expectations

 Fred's passions

  • Talking to people (more than 300 conferences)
  • Life, people and the interactions between them
  • Livio (22/10/2007), his son, his Hero
  • Music (Metallica, Metal and blues –Fred also plays guitar)