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Water the flowers, not the weeds solution focused communication®
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Water the flowers, not the weeds solution focused communication® Fletcher Peacock is a bestselling author, engaging & empowering speaker, as well as a proven Human Potential Trainer. Fletcher holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics) and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Since 1989, he has been giving seminars and trainings in SOLUTION FOCUSED COMMUNICATION® in many cities across North America. He is a consultant in the areas of business, education, health and government. A talented popularizer, he is known for his freshness, dynamism, enthusiasm and humor. His French book, Arrosez Les Fleurs Pas Les Mauvaises Herbes, is a bestselling title in Quebec, Canada and has been translated into English (WATER THE FLOWERS, NOT THE WEEDS), Spanish and Dutch. It is currently being translated into Chinese. Fletcher Peacock is sometimes referred to as a “professor of happiness”. Conference: WATER THE FLOWERS, NOT THE WEEDS SOLUTION FOCUSED COMMUNICATION® WHY is this topic ESSENTIAL to BUSINESS, HEALTH, EDUCATION and GOVERNMENT? Each one of us has a unique way of communicating. How then can we find the key that will open the door to better communication and relationships: professional, personal and family? The method that Fletcher Peacock concisely presents emphasizes the strengths and the resources of each individual that permit him to make his way through the normal ups and downs of life. Instead of laboriously looking for the causes of our difficulties, we are invited to discover solutions. In this way, we can concentrate on the successes and the good already accomplished for a foundation on which to build the best future possible. WHAT are some of the KEY BULLET POINTS that will be covered in this presentation? SOLUTION FOCUSED COMMUNICATION® (SFC®) invites you to better manage your ‘inner garden’ (your beliefs and expectations about yourself and others). SFC® teaches you to better create your own ‘reality’. SFC® allows you to deal more skillfully and cooperatively with clients, ‘tire kickers’, colleagues and family members. SFC® equips you to ask empowering, energizing (third generation) questions to yourself and to others. SOLUTION FOCUSED COMMUNICATION® it is : A philosophy of cooperation based on a positive perception of life. Focus one’s attention on solutions (instead of the explanation of problems). Emphasize what is working and don’t repeat what is not working (“water the flowers, not the weeds”). Focus on your successes (you already know a great deal more than you think you know). Pacing and leading the person you are speaking to (how to slow down to speed up and how to do more with less). An approach of acceptance and non-resistance (resistance leads to persistence). An approach immediately applicable and accessible for everyone that can make a difference. This conference develops strategies to facilitate: TEAM BUILDING CONFLICT RESOLUTION MANAGING CHANGE BETTER WORKING RELATIONSHIPS STRESS MANAGEMENT