Érik Giasson

Professional speaker, Financial professional, Ironman , Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher
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Érik’s atypical background makes an impression to say the least. Holding degrees from HEC and CFA, Érik quickly ascended in the world of finance, taking him from Montréal to New York by way of Toronto. He was also as a major shareholder, manager and administrator of a large Montréal-based investment firm. This four-time Ironman was a model of performance and success, until he came up against several major life challenges.

This turning point was actually what made his life path unique and his story inspiring. Through cancer, lost jobs and separations, Érik learned to set his priorities. In late 2000, on a search for meaning, he took a U-turn to become the perfect yogi, taking several trips to India and various ashrams on the search for his own inner truth.

But being a yogi secluded from the world didn’t allow him to find his way. After a year of spiritual quest, he understood the importance of striking a balance between yoga and Wall Street. In a moment of mindfulness, he let go of all the labels he had accumulated over the years—be they wealthy stock broker or perfect yogi—to live in truth and accomplish a truly fulfilling mission. Since then, he has become the owner of one of Montréal’s largest yoga studios. An active businessman and well-liked manager, he shares what he has learned with integrity and authenticity through his books, talks and coaching for managers, professionals and entrepreneurs


DESCRIPTION of the Talks


The Courage to Succeed

We grow from a place of truth. Nicknamed the “Wall Street Yogi,” Érik has overcome many life challenges, experiencing failure—and also success—several times over. Five major life lessons arise from his story that he summarizes with the acronym ALTAT. During his talk, Érik presents this concrete process, which he now applies in everyday life and that helps each and every person find his or her path and have the courage to succeed professionally and personally.


ALTAT means we have to Accept reality whether or not it is under our control. We must then Liberate ourselves from the beliefs and roles that imprison us and keep us from reaching our Truth. When we understand our essential nature and what we have to offer, it is time to Act, to accomplish our mission, and to Trust that we are on the right track.

Despite his impressive life trajectory, Érik humbly shares his five life lessons with humour and authenticity. He talks openly about the challenges he experienced which led him to strike balance between mind and heart. His talk is an inspiration for those looking to marry pragmatism with mindfulness in every aspect of their lives.


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

This second talk from the Wall Street Yogi emphasizes the intention behind each action. Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It fosters awareness of the intention behind our professional actions and reactions, to better focus our energy on reaching our objectives. True to himself, Érik offers a method that is simple to follow and easy to use, which he applies every day in his own career.

Always down-to-earth, Érik encourages participants to ask themselves six questions:

•   Do you have beliefs?

•   Do you allow fear to guide you?

•   Do you strike a balance between mind and heart?

•   Who are you really?

•   What is your true mission?

•   How do you maintain your faith in this mission?

By connecting employees’ personal missions with that of their organization, Érik manages to instill or re-instill meaning in the workplace. He illustrates each step with living examples and life experiences that make his talk touching and authentic. An active businessman and well-liked manager, it is first and foremost his down-to-earth side that shines through his inspiring but tangibly detailed story. In this second talk, the Wall Street Yogi will again find the balance between mind and heart! 


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Erik Giasson speaks from pure heart. His story is one of trials and tribulations confronted along the road to self discovery that deepen our understanding of the individual'sunique calling. He speaks to the undeniable urge to take hold of the truth of who and what we are to become the best that we possibly can --- for ourselves, for our loved ones for our community and the greater world at large.

- Nicole Lindstrom, Producer of the 2015 Wanderlust Speakeasy Series and co-auther of Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi's Guide to Discovering Your Best Self.

"Erik's message of balancing the head and heart was exactly the refreshing addition we needed for our corporate education event.  In an industry that focuses heavily on sales production, it is important to add some real world examples of the importance of balance to the agenda.  Erik's story resonated with our group of hyper performers, bringing home the importance of not only nourishing the bank account but also nourishing the soul"
Michael Cameron CEO, Axiom Mortgage