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Butzi has been a professional magician for 10 years and a creator of illusions. He performs in London West End and at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood…and becomes also actor (making appearances on French television) and director.

He then writes two books: "Creativity for the magicians" (for his professional colleagues only) and "The magic of Crazytivity- A Magician’s 7 Secrets to Higher Creativity" for the broad audiences.

Today, he uses his experience as an artist and entrepreneur to empower his audiences to be more creative and help companies to be more innovative and apprehend change. How? By teaching “Crazytivity", the innovative and daring mindset that wizards demonstrate. The two TEDx conferences he gave are an example of it.

He will inspire and empower you to reconnect with your natural creative powers and help you achieve success using his words but also his magic...as a metaphor and a communication tool.




-3 Magician’s Secrets to Reconnect With Your Crazytivity-

Steve Jobs said: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." And in today’s competitive business landscape, your company has to not only be innovative, but also have to solve constant problems. This can seem impossible in a world where most people don’t think of themselves as creative.

But who creates the impossible? Yep, magicians. We have to invent subtle techniques, strategies and presentations to create seemingly impossible phenomena, amuse and dazzle our audiences at the same time.
So this conference was conceived to empower audiences to reconnect with their natural creativity and to show them how to create new ideas every day.

Butzi will have your employees think like intrapreneurs by embracing incremental innovation, and have your managers think like disruptive innovators. It is the magician’s mindset at the service of your out-of-the-box success.