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Key note speaker, motivator & role model

Bruny Surin was recently inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and by doing so became the first athlete with Haitian roots to earn this prestigious honor. An athlete that was born in Cap-Haiti, and later immigrated to Montreal, Canada at the age of 7 with his parents and sisters.

His achievements and accolades speak for themselves: At the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta he played an intricate role on one of Canada’s proudest sports accomplishments alongside Donovan Bailey, Glenroy Gilbert, Robert Esmie and Carlton Chambers by winning the Olympic Gold Medal in the 4x100m relay.
In 1993, Bruny emerged on the world tour, capturing his first of two back to back World Indoor Championships over 60m. He was ranked on five different occasions as one of the top ten sprinters in the world and ran seven times under the 10.00-second barrier. To date, his personal best of 9.84 seconds is the 5th fastest of all time.
Today, Bruny leads by example influencing, motivating and encouraging by telling his story of sacrifices, hard work and dedication. He offers his services across the country to schools, corporations and organizations with hopes of inspiring them to reach their respective dreams. Bruny is convinced and is living proof that his message of perseverance during hard times along with setting and managing goals are instrumental keys towards success.

Often asked the same question: How do you surpass your limits and increase determination? If you would like the answer, do not hesitate to contact us…

The Sprint of life!

A motivation/leadership based conference where Bruny tells his story of sacrifices and hardships to become who he is today.