Anne Bisson

Artist, motivator, mentor and speaker.
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Artist, motivator, mentor and speaker.

Anne Bisson is the recipient of two Bachelors of Music degrees. With her winning personality, it was inevitable that she would always be passionate about communicating. She has been a CEGEP teacher, an actress and a TV host. For the past few years she has concentrated her efforts on being a singer, a pianist and a producer, and more recently she has pursued another career, that of Motivational Speaker.

Her infectious energy and her dynamic approach have elicited positive comments from every quarter. When she’s asked ‘Where does all that positive energy come from, Anne?’ She answers candidly and with a smile, ‘It must be in my genes, my DNA!’

In fact, her perseverance, her entrepreneurship and her desire to learn are all qualities that have served her well since her childhood. For example, in 1998, she felt there was something missing from the television landscape. She felt that there was a real need for a TV show that dealt with finding a balance between work and family. A show where viewers would find practical tools to help them raise their children and be better parents. She created the concept and called it ‘La Marmaille’, which she hosted for two years on the ‘Canal Vie’ channel. She was pregnant when the show started and she brought her 2 year-old son to the set. She definitely practiced what she preached!

In 1990, while she was fulfilling the role of Musical Director as well as acting on a Radio-Canada television series called ‘Vazimolo’, she was invited to speak at several schools about personal motivation and the pursuit of one’s dreams. This is when she realized that it was something she might want to explore more fully, perhaps even as another career.

But when her close friend and noted motivational speaker Marcel Leboeuf gave her a motivational ‘kick in the pants’ in 2005, she took the plunge and pursued this career full-time.

The ‘DNA of Happiness’ and the other themes she addresses are the results of long and careful reflections and meditation. She also realized she had a passionate desire to share this knowledge with others, which she does with a sincere commitment.

Anne is a very curious person and her knowledge and expertise are constantly growing. She keeps abreast of the latest developments and discoveries in the field of Neuro-Sciences through her readings, her attending seminars and her meetings with health experts

Anne believes that one of her greatest assets is the ability to adapt her talks according to the specific needs of her clients. She is eager to accept new challenges and this means she is quite willing to sit down with her client and customize the conference to his or her precise needs and specifications.

For example, in 2010, Les Caisses Populaires Desjardins approached her to give a talk dealing with health issues as part of the launch of their ‘Health Campaign’. She is currently giving that talk in all corners of the province of Quebec, which she calls ‘The DNA of Happiness’. 

Whether it’s performance issues, stress management or finding a balance between work and family, Anne provides solutions on how to deal with these topics with joy, serenity and humour, resulting in noted improvements in the quality of life and work performance,

All her facts and opinions are backed by scientific proof. The content of her talks is quite substantial, but it is easily accessible to everyone. Because music is such a fundamental part of her life, her talks start and end with a song. Prepare yourselves to meet Anne Bisson, a motivational speaker whose talks are full of practical knowledge, presented in an energetic and dynamic manner!

‘On your Marks, Breathe, Sing!’

Anne Bisson’s conferences may be presented in English or in French.

The DNA of Happiness in the Business World.

1. The DNA of Happiness in Your Company, or How I Learned to Love the Workplace!

Do you believe it’s possible to alter your DNA?

Change your behaviour = Change your DNA.

When you do something for yourself that your parents or grandparents never did, you change your DNA! Every time!

Find this hard to believe? Well, today, we have come to realize that altering certain lifestyle choices is desirable in order to attain better quality of life in a serene and satisfying environment. It means reducing and/or eliminating all the factors that produce stress, so that we can enjoy a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Specifically, scientifically, what does happen to your brain when you live with stress?

Anne demonstrates that there are four main stress factors, according to research done by Dr. Sonia Lupien and how they directly affect your health, both mental and physical. Anne then goes on to show us how we can be aware of these factors and how we can prevent physical and mental problems that may arise.

The DNA of Happiness will help your employees regain their health and well-being without experiencing any guilt! Through the use of practical tools and tips, Anne shows us, with a dash of humour, that simple therapeutic breathing and walking can efficiently reduce the effects of stress on your body. It really isn’t all that difficult to take care of yourself; you just need to make up your mind that you will! Therefore, this conference is aimed at all employers and employees who have their health and well-being at heart. This will help them improve their productivity at work, as well as help them enjoy a richer and more well-balanced life.

2. The DNA of Living the Well-Balanced Life, or How I Learned to Skillfully Juggle the Things that Matter to Me!

Anne Bisson demonstrates that what you need to do to live a happy and well-balanced life without compromising the success of your career is to: COMPARTMENTALIZE! This means, basically, that when you come home from work, yes, your body arrives, but so does your mind.

The fundamental problem with this is that over the years we have learned to set up two compartments: one for work and one for family. Anne shows us that in order to attain a richer quality of life, to be able to be more present with our spouse, our children, our boss, it is absolutely necessary to create a third compartment, this one for ourselves!

So we now have three boxes. As we said, one for work and one for family, and the third one she calls the ‘Me’ box. What goes into the ‘Me’ box? What is important to you about your own ‘Me’?  What are your values when it comes to your ‘Me’? Anne will help you find out during her talk.

Anne will also give you the tools to better manage your time on a daily basis amongst those three compartments, i.e. Work, Family and ‘Me’. For example, how to better enjoy dinner with the whole family, how to efficiently set aside time for more personal projects, and so on.

Anne then wraps things up with an exercise called the Full Consciousness Meditation Technique, that can be done alone, with a partner, or even with the whole family. An exercise where you close your eyes and imagine what your life can be like, now that you have established that ‘Me’ space and can better take care of yourself. This conference is aimed at everyone who is not afraid to change their way of life in order to be able to devote more quality time to the people around them. Your spouse will be happier, your children will thank you and your boss will be in seventh heaven! “All aboard the S.S. New Way of Life, where ‘Being’ and not ‘Doing’ is the order of the day!”

3. The DNA of Performance, or How I Learned to Be Productive Without Falling Apart!

Performance is crucial in order to achieve your goals. But performance often comes with pressure.

Anne will introduce a remarkable working method based on a course entitled ‘The Learning Process’, which she studied under Professor Hélène Maltais, PhD (Music) at the University of Montreal. It has been scientifically proven that when your mind is taught to categorize bits of information into groups and sub-groups, it is in a better position to store that information and to retrieve it more efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with music or other subjects, your brain functions in the same manner.

Anne will use this method to help you set up your schedules and your marketing plans more efficiently. Your customers will soon become your fans and sing your praises when they see how much more they are getting for their money.

This conference, then, is also aimed at those who are willing to plan their success using the full potential that the brain and its neurological impulses can offer. In other words, the DNA of Performance will soon be running in your veins!

4. The DNA of the Happy Customer, or How I Learned to WOW UP Customer Services!

The DNA of The Happy Customer can be summed up in this way:


How to DEVELOP new communication tools and strategies to better reach your customers.

N is for NATURE.

How to acquire a positive attitude by developing better communication tools to ensure customer loyalty. The positive NATURE of your conversations with others will establish a much more beneficial relationship with your customers.

is for ATTITUDE.

How to keep an open mind when dealing with your customers and their specific needs.

How to adapt your ATTITUDE and your behaviour when faced with changes brought on by new customers and their expectations.

Anne will also impart simple and practical exercises to ease your interactions with new customers.

This conference is aimed at those who have the desire and the will to stand out amongst the crowd. To generate a huge ‘WOW’ reaction from their customers.

Make customer services your top priority and you will have satisfied customers, but you will also have satisfied employees who will be appreciated by the customers they serve.

5. The DNA of Creation, or How I Learned to Accept Change!

Anne offers customized conferences that can be adapted to the client’s specific needs.